Time management can be a difficult skill to master when you’re in college. Involvement in classes, preparing for exams, and socializing with friends can take up a large portion of your day-to-day. The tips listed below for managing time can help you manage your busy schedule and complete all of your responsibilities while still allowing for some relaxation and time in your routine.

Creating a to-do list is the best way to get all your tasks out of your head and into a logical accessible place that you can easily see them. Note down every task you have to do, whether in a notebook or an app can help you create a an idea of what you want to accomplish and provide the structure that you need throughout the day.

Set deadlines for your projects is another way to ensure that you’ll complete them by the set date. Prioritizing the tasks that will have the largest impact on your long-term objectives and eliminating those that are not necessary can let you have more time in your schedule.

Also, exercising self-control is essential for effective time management. It could be as simple as saying no to your friends additional info when you need to spend more time at the library prior to completing an exam or not checking your email and opening tabs that are not work-related on your browser. It could also mean taking frequent breaks to avoid becoming bogged down or losing motivation.