A company that focuses on virtual board communications can improve productivity and meetings. Apart from removing geographical limitations, this approach can also help save time and money for the business. Rather than having to meet in person or via phone, remote board members can join a conference using videoconferencing or other tools, which reduces the overall meeting duration and eliminates the need to sync agendas and find a space for meetings.

In a virtual setting it can be challenging to establish trust. Board members should be involved in activities that encourage trust during breaks or in between meetings. It is also important to acknowledge the people who have made a difference to the organization. This can be done through an in-person ceremony, or by distributing a small gift or certificate.

It is essential to maintain an appropriate manner of conduct during meetings so that everyone can take part. Encourage all participants to take part at the beginning of meetings and announce their presence. It is an excellent idea to ask for feedback at the conclusion of the meeting. This will not only improve the participation of your board members, but also aid your board members to realize the value of their feedback.

To make the most of your virtual board meetings, you should choose a platform which includes a robust agenda for meetings and minutes feature, SOX compliance, user activity monitoring and instant messaging capabilities. A complete solution will aid your team members to plan and attend meetings as well as complete the task of following up on meetings.