The pursuit of relevant science can transform humanity’s social, environmental and economic well-being over the long run. Scientific knowledge is the best tool we have to satisfy our fundamental human need to know more about ourselves, our planet and our universe. Science is a vital aspect of our society and can be the basis for innovation, which drives economic growth as well as sustainable lifestyles and societal advancement.

In many instances, science isn’t used to solve real-world issues and can sometimes be criticized for being a wild curiosity that is not in tune with the needs of society. This is usually because of the boundaries between disciplines and the absence of institutional support for the applications of research, or that market forces don’t align with the requirements of scientists and their patrons.

It is also easy to get lost in the minutiaes of research and lose sight of the larger picture. Fortunately, there are strategies to ensure that research findings translate into practical science. This includes noting inputs from potential users, and strategically making plans to incorporate engagement with them into the research process and ensuring that a research project’s findings will be appropriate for the needs of the people who will use it.

The list of cool topics for science below is an excellent place to begin in the search of ideas for your next research paper. Think about factors such as feasibility and your level of interest when selecting the appropriate topic for your research. Additionally, you should consult with your instructor or professor to ensure that your selected topic is within the remit of the course.