Malwarebytes Web Protection is the free version of Malwarebytes’ real-time anti-virus program that aims to stop browser hijackers, phishing pages and scam websites, as well as other bad content while you browse the Internet. It also blocks annoying ads and prevents in-browser cryptocurrency miners (unwanted mining of cryptocurrency) and blocks other malicious content.

The extension is easy to use, with no complicated settings and a few notifications that interfere with the flow of browsing. It is the first and only browser extension that identifies and blocks scams involving tech support which are among the most frequently encountered online dangers. It also increases the speed of display of websites, blocks trackers that monitor users and bombard them with unwanted advertisements and assists you in avoiding malware downloads by blocking websites that contain it.

It doesn’t have many of the additional features offered by its competitors. It doesn’t include a firewall, system tuning tools as well as a parental control tool, or a transaction purpose software password manager. Additionally, it doesn’t offer long-term plans like Bitdefender or Kaspersky, which can save you money in the end.