Avast states that I have a spy Cookie is an alert that appears when your antivirus software detects malware on your computer. Usually, this is not an issue, however if you’re concerned about it you can always remove tracking cookies from your browser settings.

Spyware is spyware which secretly monitors and collects sensitive information, such as login information, account details particulars, photos, and other details. It can also connect to your webcam or microphone without your awareness. It could even access your personal information. It could also track your browsing history and forward it to third party companies. This is what avast is designed to protect against.

Avast is among the world’s most popular anti virus software programs and is known for providing excellent security against online threats. Its free version offers a complete set of features that include scanning your system for viruses, checking your network’s security blocking suspicious activities, downloading, and offering an VPN service for secure browsing. The paid version adds additional security features, such as the ability to shred sensitive documents as well as a firewall to safeguard against intrusions by hackers.

Avast’s anti-virus program employs an efficient heuristic analysis tool to measure the behavior of documented viruses to determine the type of virus that is clean and immediately kill them. This is a far more effective method than the signatures that are used by the majority of antivirus software. It also includes an sandbox which runs potentially dangerous applications inside a really virtual environment to stop them from causing harm to the primary system.